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2009 is an industry-wide initiative to reduce energy consumption for lighting by providing information and tools to help Kiwis choose the right efficient light bulb for any situation. Right Light has been developed to provide New Zealand with a more informed decision process on the best lighting for the home or workplace. eCubed have been engaged by the Electricity Commission in a joint venture with New Zealand Green Building Council, Lightworks and Saatchi and Saatchi to provide the governments independent resource for energy efficient lighting. eCubed provided the Lighting Assessment Tool design and technical content for the web site and marketing campaign. eCubed have been extremely proud of their involvement in this campaign, the programme is directly aligned to our core business to help reduce energy and CO2 emissions across New Zealand.

The RightLight programme includes TV advertising to make people aware of the website and resources on it, in-store training for retailers and electrical wholesalers and point of sale information in lighting stores and supermarkets to help consumers choose the appropriate efficient bulb. Supported by Consumer NZ, the programme aims to help consumers and businesses make informed choices about efficient lighting.

We can all reduce the amount of lighting we use simply by switching to energy efficient lighting and practices that not only look good but save you money too. If you want practical, up-to-date information that's truly independent, you'll find it at