Quality Assurance & Control

David Fullbrook, Founding Director.

David Fullbrook, Founding Director.

Our Quality Assurance and Control System has been purpose-designed as an effective operational management system, suited to a relatively small company. We pride ourselves on ensuring the requirements of our clients are met in a cost effective, technically suitable and timely manner.

Our prime objective, which relates to our structure, is for projects to be staffed only by quality staff, with a high level of technical skill, experience and management ability.

David Fullbrook is the eCubed Director responsible for quality assurance, and there is a commitment by all our staff that adherence to our Company’s systems and procedures are everyones’ concern.

David regularly carries out independent peer reviews of other consultants’ projects throughout New Zealand, and is respected for his wide-ranging, but always constructive, criticism.

Our two quality procedures comprise ‘Project Control’ and ‘Support Services’.

Project Control Procedures cover our core business activity of providing engineering services to clients. 

Support Services Procedures cover the management and control of office functions and systems, including project numbers, distribution filing and archiving, resource and reference documentation and equipment, software and systems.

A key aspect of our in-house quality control procedure is to carry out multi-discipline, in-house technical reviews at the completion of the preliminary, developed and detailed design stages, where each discipline presents their proposals to their in-house peers in a design charrette/workshop environment. In this way, we ensure that coordination and interfaces between disciplines are addressed, and that all the firm’s technical resources are brought to bear in a concentrated manner, at key stages of the project.