Te Kura Kaupapa O Maori Whangaroa School.

Green Star

Client: Ministry of Education

Architect: Adams de le Maire

Project address: Matauri Bay, Northland

Completion Date: March 2010

Te Kura Kaupapa O Maori Whangaroa School is located in Matauri Bay, Northland. The aim of the project manager - Richard Keuning of Signature Homes - was to achieve a 5 Green Star rating based on the NZGBC Education Tool 2009. eCubed Building Workshop were involved in completing the electrical design and Green Star management.

The electrical system has been completed using the most efficient methods to meet NZ best practice & the requirements of NZGBC Education Tool 2009. This includes dedicated metering for power, lighting and water to each building. The reticulation of services has been designed to meet the Ministry of Education requirements.


Artificial lighting has been combined with natural daylight via skylights in the staff rooms and resource rooms. The classroom lighting has been designed to meet the NZGBC design requirements for illumination of ceiling, walls and floor. This has been achieved by employing suspended direct & indirect energy efficient T5 lamps and reflectors to achieve less than 2W/m2/100Lux. The overall design provides a much brighter indoor environment and uses less energy. Furthermore energy efficiency has been improved by using movement sensors to all rooms that turn off artificial lights when the rooms are unoccupied. Artificial lights are further zoned in larger areas such as the hall and library so that 100m2 areas can be switched separately. All external lights are controlled by time clock and daylight levels and have been positioned to eliminate spill of lighting into the night sky.

Heating to the rooms is via radiator ceiling panels which are also occupancy and time clock based to provide preheating of rooms in the morning and offer energy savings during the day by turning off the heaters when the spaces do not need electrical heating.

Our Green Star management services included providing design advice to all consultants on the project and completing the Green Star Education 2009 Design Rating submission. The project is targeting a 5 Star rating and includes features such as a photovoltaic system, water efficient sanitary fittings, energy efficient lighting and heating systems and cycling facilities for students and staff.

The school are aiming to achieve zero waste in the future and convenient waste storage facilities have been provided. Workshop on responsible waste disposal will be given to students and their parents and will include recycling, segregation of waste and the use of the worm farm.

The Green Star feature around the building and site will be used as learning resources in lessons. Responsible use of energy and water will be taught using the web-based monitoring facilities provided. The site has been planted with local native flora. Existing waterway has been replanted and boulders added to help improve water quality and minimum effects of erosion.

A new wetland has been created onsite to treat storm water run-off from the car park and trickle water into the existing waterway.

The site has been designed to encourage local fauna and will be used to teach students about nature conservation and ecology.

Overall the school is expected to be a healthy and educational environment for the students.