Airways Auckland

Airport Facilities

Client: Airways Corporation

Architect: RTA Studio

Developer: Auckland International Airport Ltd (AIAL)

Location: Auckland Airport

Completion: Current

Auckland International Airport Ltd (AIAL) is developing an Air Traffic Control Facility - a Tier 3 Facility & an Importance Level 4 Building. This facility will be managed 24/7 and house a data centre and an operations room for the air traffic controllers.
Auckland and Christchurch duplicate facilities are developed almost simultaneously - one centre, two locations.

The facility includes a Equipment Room (approximately 150m2) housing 48 racks of equipment. 
The Equipment Room is to be designed to be a Tier 2 data centre as defined in the Uptime Institute Tier Classification System with additional features for improved resilience.

The facility also includes a (approximately 400m2) Operations Room, which will be connected to the same services as the Equipment Room to achieve a high level of resiliency, redundancy and availability. There are ancillary spaces and amenities which will benefit generally from the same level of 
resilience as the  equipment room and the operations room.   

An initial adjacency master plan has been carried out to establish the fundamentals of the proposed program  and been developed with the architect and using the brief from Airways.