Environmental Rating

“A great building must begin with the immeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed, and in the end must be unmeasured.”
— Louis Kahn, Architect

Within our team, we have certified professionals for all rating tools in use in New Zealand.

Rating tools are used to benchmark a design or building’s sustainable credentials.
Our project experience extends from the international Living Building Challenge, to the now-familiar Green Star.
We were involved in the two highest-rated, six-star Green Star buildings in New Zealand.

Working with the design team, we advise on the best approach for a meaningful yet pragmatic sustainability target for your project.
In line with our aim to ensure buildings perform to their potential, and as efficiently as possible, we also carry out NABERSNZ ratings - a first step in measuring and then improving a building’s energy efficiency.


Green Star

Green Star is an environmental rating tool for offices, educational buildings and industrial buildings. The rating tool covers energy, water, waste, ecology, materials and management. Either the design and/or the final built product can be rated at 4 Star, 5 Star or 6 Star. We provide assistance with the Green Star process, from concept design and initial points target selection through to final accreditation.



Residential buildings can be rated for their design or final built product using the environmental rating tool Homestar. The rating tool covers energy, water, waste, ecology, materials and management.  Buildings can achieve up to 10 Stars.

We provide assistance on larger residential developments, such as apartment blocks, from credit selection at concept design through to accreditation.

Homestar Scale.jpg

Living Building Challenge

The Living Building Challenge is a rating tool developed by the International Living Futures Institute for regenerative building projects of any typology.
It includes social as well as environmental targets that must be met to achieve the full Living Building Challenge certification.
Petal certification and Net Zero Energy certification are alternative certifications available.