Building Auditing

Just as a car needs regular tune-ups to keep it running smoothly, a building needs occasional proactive maintenance to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible and providing the best levels of comfort for its occupants. Building Auditing is a performance review of an existing building, in terms of energy and water use, as well as user satisfaction.These audits can then be used to establish an action plan to improve these areas.

We are also a certified EECA Commercial Grants Programme Partner, and are able to secure funding for energy efficiency projects on existing buildings, along with NABERSNZ Energy Assessments.

Energy Use Auditing

Similar to how a financial audit assesses the spending of an organisation and finds potential savings, an Energy Audit benchmarks the energy use of a building, finds where that energy is being used, and identifies areas where cost effective savings can be made. EECA grants for this type of work are available.

NABERSNZ Assessment

Introduced in June of 2013, the NABERSNZ Energy Rating Tool benchmarks the energy use of an office building, and awards a rating from zero to six stars accordingly. We can carry out NABERSNZ Energy Assessments, often as the first stage of an Energy Audit or continuous commissioning programme.

Water Use Auditing

Few owners or tenants truly understand the water usage of their buildings.
A Water Audit can break down the usage by end-use (depending on metering), and identify potential savings strategies.

Post-Occupancy Evaluation

The vast majority of our buildings are built to house people, while they live or work.
If the building does not provide a suitable environment, it has failed in its purpose.
Post-occupancy evaluation is the assessment (usually by survey) of the building’s users, in order to assess and quantify their satisfaction with their environment.