Principles & Environmental Policy

Our vision is to improve the built environment, while reducing its environmental impact. 
It is more apparent than ever that concerted effort from industry is needed for the abatement of climate change.
Our company was founded on this idea over fifteen years ago, and efforts to keep New Zealand a clean, green, beautiful country are at the heart of what we do.

Our vision is embedded in the way we work via our Principles & Environmental Policy —

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Our Principles

  1. Design and Consultancy. We provide our customers with high-quality, effective solutions that have low environmental impact.
    In every project, we will strive to find a cost-effective way of reducing resources and minimising emissions, without compromise.

  2. People. We are committed to working together to achieve the goals laid out in this policy. Every employee brings their own individual ideas and passions to the projects we are involved in, and the business as a whole.

  3. Profitability. We believe in making a difference to New Zealand, and this would be impossible without profitability and growth of the company. However, our aim is not to become the biggest consultancy - just the best in what we do.

  4. Environmental. We are continually seeking ways in which we can minimise our effect on the environment, through our work and in our everyday lives. We bring environmental sustainability to every project and similarly encourage the project teams and individuals we work with.

  5. Ethical. We will not tolerate social injustice. We respect all of our colleagues, partners and clients, irrespective of race, gender, religion, sexuality, disability or health status.

  6. Equality. Everyone has a voice and is encouraged to contribute their thoughts. Our leaders are expected to act fast and effectively, but listen and respect the views of everyone.

  7. Community. We consider social and cultural aspects in every project, and seek solutions that bring people closer to each other and their surroundings.

  8. Partnership. We believe partnership is important in achieving our vision, and actively seek collaboration with those who endeavour to develop and adapt. We will not do business with those who are opposed to change.

  9. Accountability. We will act ethically, effectively and be fully accountable for our actions. We will set clear targets which we will strive to meet.

  10. Passion. We are passionate about what we do, and determined to succeed in our mission.

Our Environmental Policy


The following policy framework functions in-line with our ten principles listed above.
This policy will be reviewed regularly and reports made available for all employees, clients, contractors and project team colleagues.

We will:

  • Comply with all environmental legislation, standards and other requirements with which we subscribe.

  • Endeavour to provide designs that will be effective, efficient and minimise environmental impact.

  • Respect the environment and act to reduce our impact on it.

  • Continually improve the environmental performance of the company.

  • Maintain a monitoring programme and regular reporting of the environmental performance of the company.

  • Provide environmental training for the company and promote individual and collective responsibility for the environment.