Building Services

If structural engineers design the bones of a building, services engineers design the internal organs. The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems; the electrical services and lighting; and designing the plumbing of hot, cold and waste water, stormwater drainage, gas supply systems, RO and softened water systems.

These services often sit neglected in the background, or are added in as an afterthought.
We agree with Louis Kahn’s observation that - “the burying of tortured and unwanted ducts, conduits and pipelines is intolerable”.

In a low-carbon future, though, it’s not just about the way a building looks - it’s about how it performs. 

We specialise in integrating building services with the design objectives of the overall project, rather than in conflict with it.

We are also able to assist with specialist services such as audio-visual, security and specialist lighting, along with performance specifications for vertical transport and fire protection.



HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) systems are both a major energy consumer in buildings and critical to user satisfaction. We use computer simulation as standard practice on all projects, regardless of size, to test designs for both energy efficiency and comfort to arrive at the most practical solution for your building.

The scope of mechanical building services applications include façade engineering, integrated systems and intelligent buildings, environmental and sustainability aspects, public health, heating, refrigeration, acoustics, airconditioning, ventilation, piped gases and control systems.



Good lighting is often critical to a tenant’s enjoyment of a space. Our designers use computer modelling tools to consider visual comfort, energy savings from natural light and overall system cost in all their work. We also design electrical distribution throughout buildings for general power and specialist equipment. 


Specialist Electrical

Some projects have specific requirements in terms of sound and audio-visual equipment. In co-ordination with suppliers we can produce designs for these aspects, either as part of a larger project, or a separate contract. We can also work with suppliers to produce project-specific security systems.


Specialist Lighting

We’ve won several awards for our specialist and decorative lighting designs for landscaping in public parks, and in and around our building projects. We have also produced lighting designs for temporary displays and performances. We enjoy the opportunity to create a striking addition to our cities with these projects.



Hot and cold potable water, along with waste water may seem unglamorous, but are essential services for any building project. We can design all plumbed systems - including water-saving features such as rain and grey-water recycling systems, stormwater drainage, gas supply systems, RO and softened water systems. We can also design natural gas or other services for specialised building types.


Vertical Transportation

We can produce performance specifications for lifts and escalators, then work with suppliers to ensure the finished product meets your requirements.