Project History - An Overview

Our project portfolio includes some of New Zealand’s best modern architecture, and many of the most notable green buildings.
We are proud to have worked on a diverse range of buildings around the country - from small, designer projects for one-off clients, all the way up to large, complex buildings with construction values of over $100m. We are also proud to work with some of the country’s best architects, collaborating with them on many award-winning designs.

Green Buildings

eCubed Building Workshop are New Zealand’s most experienced Green Star consultants.
From being involved in the technical committee that first adapted Green Star to New Zealand, to being one of the first NABERSNZ Assessors, eCubed have been at the forefront of rating tool development and application in New Zealand.
We have been involved as independent GSAPs, or integrated within our services design offerings. Our staff also act as Green Star assessors and on various technical committees within the NZGBC, and therefore have an excellent level of knowledge with regards to the Green Star suite. We also carry out NABERSNZ assessments of buildings in-use, and have applied the Living Building Challenge to several design projects.


At eCubed we believe that contributing to our community is an essential part of broader sustainability.
Our previous projects have included sports facilities such as gymnasiums, large stadiums and smaller fitness clubs. We have also worked on large convention/events centres in Auckland and Hamilton, and smaller community buildings and town halls in some of the regional centres.


At eCubed we enjoy providing specialist designs dedicated to helping reshape New Zealand’s education environment.
We've been involved in a number of educational projects designing buildings for students of all ages and abilities: pre-school, primary, secondary and special needs. We are also active in the tertiary sector with projects around student accommodation, science labs, lecture halls and academic offices. 
Some of our education projects have also been successfully Green Star rated using the NZGBC Education tool. These projects use the building as an educational tool in itself, helping students learn about how their use of the building affects their environment.

Healthcare & Labs

We have a wealth of expertise in healthcare, laboratories and other highly-serviced building types.
Specialised building services design is essential to the success of specialised projects. The demanding requirements of these projects call for practical, yet complex solutions. Our engineers have many years of experience in the design of healthcare facilities, research and scientific laboratories, and the specific requirements that go with them. These projects call for an extensive knowledge of systems, regulations and procedures in order to provide innovative solutions.


We have forged an impressive history in award-winning commercial office projects.
We have worked on some of New Zealand’s most prestigious office buildings, including several Property Council Supreme Award winners and both of New Zealand’s 6-Star rated Green Star offices.
We have also worked on interior fit-outs and seismic upgrades of historic buildings.
We can provide Green Star, NABERSNZ and Living Building Challenge ratings for all commercial projects.



Our fundamental belief is that everyone should live in a warm, dry house that doesn’t cost the earth.
From our roots carrying out building simulation for small residential dwellings we now work on system design and performance specifications for all housing types from holiday homes, to apartments, to top-end dream homes.
We also have experience in providing Homestar and Living Building Challenge ratings for domestic developments.



Our history and wide-ranging client base has meant an increasingly diverse project portfolio.
We have recently started working on jobs in process engineering and industrial applications.


Heritage Buildings

Our oldest buildings can be made dramatically more efficient and given new life with specialised services design within the bounds of our heritage protection code. Retrofitting and refurbishment are integral to preserving and bettering our existing built environment, requiring attention to detail and care to add comfort, efficiency and preserve character.