Lifecycle Analysis

While there is an inevitable focus on up-front costs and short-term paybacks, it is important not to lose sight of the ‘bigger picture’.

Lifecycle Analysis considers all aspects of a particular material or process, from design or manufacture through to disposal, recycling or re-use.
We can carry out lifecycle analysis studies according to accepted frameworks, which include assessments of up-front costs, running costs, embodied energy / CO2 and end-of-life factors. These studies have been used to inform policy or design decisions at central or local government level, or on a project-by-project basis.

Value Cases

We have carried out several value case research projects for the Ministry of Education, EECA and Auckland Council.  These have assessed the cost/benefits of various environmental design approaches, or environmental design in general. We have applied the same approaches to our projects, presenting value case studies to client boards and Treasury.

Asset Planning

Assessments of on-going building operation, such as POEs or NABERSNZ, can be applied across a portfolio to compare against benchmarks.
This can be used for asset management over a property portfolio. We can assist not only in the assessments, but in establishing a strategy for improving the portfolio’s performance in key metrics.