Govett-Brewster Art Gallery
& Len Lye Centre



Architect: Pattersons



The Len Lye Centre is already an iconic New Plymouth attraction displaying the innovative art and ideas of Len Lye, pioneer filmmaker and kinetic sculptor. The building will be striking in appearance and play host to some of the world’s most spectacular pieces of kinetic art. 

eCubed provide all building services and specialist lighting on one of the most satisfying projects we have had the pleasure to work on.  An incredible challenge with an amazing result.  A great Client, great Architect and a great Team all supported the belief that this was always going to be a world class project. 

The new gallery forms a striking extension to the existing Govett Brewster Gallery which is also having its HVAC systems replaced to Loan Condition Standards as part of the project. This challenging project involves stitching together old and new parts of the building and has necessitated very close coordination of the architecture, structure and services.  

Awards —

  • NZ Property Industry Best in Category Award - Civic and Arts Category - 2017

  • Gold Commercial Projects Award - 2017

  • World Architecture Now - Civic Building Award - 2016

  • LGNZ: Excellence Awards - 2016

  • Creative New Zealand Excellence Award for Best Creative Place - 2016

  • Stainless NZ - Innovation for Stainless Award - 2016