Client: Regional Facilities Auckland

Architect: Gordon Moller

Project address: Auckland Viaduct

Completion Date: June 2011


This signature building was conceived as a benchmark environmentally friendly events centre before it was fashionable for stadiums and event centres to be green.

Given the recent surge in interest in green buildings within the market place this standard of environmental design has proved a key feature in attracting high quality and similarly forward thinking users. The Viaduct Event Centre has acted as a catalyst for many other developments on the tank farm side of the city to continue with a high standard of environmental performance complementary to that the MEC.  Using the harbour water for heating and cooling instead of chillers or cooling towers is one of many first generation True Green options being used on this building.

In addition to a range of high quality sustainable design features including a high performance faced air-conditioning the project made innovative use of benchmarking using the equivalent Australian Green Building Council Green Event Centre design rating tool with some pragmatic adjustments for New Zealand conditions. The adjoining Gateway Plaza and Jellicoe Street for which we were the specialist lighting designer and electrical engineers are fantastic open public spaces in the area just beyond the VEC where the Wynyard Crossing interim bridge links the Viaduct Harbour with Wynyard Quarter, Jellicoe Street, North Wharf promenade and the Viaduct Events Centre.

Relevant attributes – Waterfront building and public realm, seawater cooling and heating, highly coordinated and exposed services with industrial aesthetic, Innovative and cost effective air sculpting by Big Ass fans and fast track tight budgets, state of the art lighting solutions. Close liaison with contractor/sub-contractors to achieve outcomes.